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Revive 1:1 Coaching


 “Giving the best of you to what you value most means you have to stop giving to the things that don’t”

- Calea Souter


Feeling Stuck? 

During your time as an entrepreneur, have you felt overwhelmed and buried in the hustle?

You've been so busy meeting everyone else's needs that you've slowly stopped meeting your own needs + values.

As a result, you're on the edge of burnout, struggling to see and create a path forward. To have your business evolve with your values upheld and ultimately you are longing for work life fulfilment.

Is This You?

How many of these statements do you identify with? 

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"I feel like I have no time to slow down for myself, my mind is in overdrive"

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"I never feel that I can get everything accomplished in a day"

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"I have big goals for my business but cannot see a path forward"

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"I crave to achieve my goals with more ease and flow"


Why "Working Hard" Isn't Cutting It

Somehow, there is still a belief that by working hard, success will follow! You work hard, you put in the time, you invest more than you feel you have to give, and yet you aren't getting the results you desire. 

I see you. The overwhelm and uncertainty is real. It clouds the ability to plan, make self assured decisions, and to identify a clear path forward. 

You desire.... positive work life balance and a thriving business.

This is where I step in—You don’t have to go it alone! We are wired for connection and support. And I’m here as your coach to move you forward. To hold you accountable. To inspire change because I see you. I see your unique strengths, and your potential burning so bright. I hear you on a different level to what you are saying and a lot of the time, what you aren’t saying…yet.


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What You'll Get




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What We'll Work On


The beautiful thing about coaching—as opposed to the courses, retreats and group coaching  I offer—is that this experience is tailored exactly to YOU.

We can talk about anything, but if you’re an entrepreneur, these topics will be especially applicable:

- Goal Setting and Goal Mapping
- Setting Boundaries that Actually Work
- Core Values & Vision 
- Belief Work, Developing Confidence
- Leadership of Self and Others
- Communication & Power of Your Voice
- Assertive, Self Assured Decision Making 
- Stopping Self Sabatoge


Kristin Piche, Professional Ice Skater,
Co Founder of Skate to Soar. 

Before I worked with Calea, I was very unhappy with the job I had and felt unsure about how to move forward. I remembered a one-time session I had with Calea years earlier that unearthed an immense capacity to believe in myself in a way I never had before. So, I knew Calea was the right person to help redirect my career path towards something more fulfilling.


Calea has a unique way of seeing only greatness in others, especially in those who do not always see it in themselves. Experiencing this personally in my sessions with her was extremely powerful and continues to resonate years later. I still use the tools I learned from Calea to set and strategize goals for my business and I couldn’t be happier or more amazed with the places my career has taken me.


The benefits of the work I did with Calea are exponential; meaning I continue to thrive and have never gone back to old thinking or habits that kept me feeling stuck. What surprised me the most was learning how capable, creative and resourceful I can truly be. I’m forever grateful that I made the decision to work with her.


Susi McWilliam, Author at Balboa Press,
Owner and Founder at The Sanctuary,
Health, Creativity, Wellbeing Centre

I worked with Calea during a really challenging time with some mega big goals to achieve. I was feeling super overwhelmed, out of my depth and was having a crisis of confidence on being able to achieve things.


I had a book deadline looming and was really feeling the stress. I chose to work with Calea as I knew that not only would she be suppportive, but she’d be strategic. As a fellow mumprenuer with a full life I knew she would get me.


Calea not only helped me figure out my life so that it aligned with my values, but during our time working together I had some mega stressful situations which she  supported me in tackling head on.


Calea challenged me but knew what I was capable of. She listened to worries and concerns and helped me figure things out. Calea allowed me to identify stories I had been telling myself that were outdated and were not supporting me. She helped me recognise areas of my life that were out of alignment, she helped me build confidence and boundaries.


I would highly recommend working with Calea. She will help you identify your strengths, believe in you and the best part, she will help you believe in yourself.


Jen Best, Wellness Advocate + Diamond Leader at doTERRA Essential Oils 

Hey Calea! I wanted to send you a note to let you know how much I love working with you. Your approach to coaching has helped me to get through tough spots and grow. I appreciate the tough questions that you ask…. Even when I am having a hard time hearing those questions or processing the answers! I am glad that you dig deeper. I am grateful for your insight. I feel like I can go further when we look at things together than I ever can when I try to do it alone. Thank you. I am forever grateful for you

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Hi! I’m Calea Souter, life coach, founder of Elevating Life and creator of Wellness In The Wild Retreats.

With 13+ years of coaching experience in a corporate setting, school setting and an entrepreneurial setting, I bring experience to the table and I willingly share tools and my robust learnings as we explore growth, vision and goals. I am known to gently nudge where nudge is needed and create accountability portals to support your next evolution of self.

I am nestled near Nessie in the Scottish Highlands with my husband and three adventurous kids.

About Calea

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