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6 Simple Plant-Based Practices to Help You Perform at Your Best

'Summer's here, and the time is right, for dancing in the street'. Well, maybe not quite, but the time IS right to get outside, get to the gym, join a class, walk or bike to work, play sports with the kids, and get moving!!!

So here we are, filled with trepidation and excitement, and the slate has been wiped clean. Whether you are an exercise enthusiast, or starting something new, the key is to find something you enjoy doing, OR find someone you enjoy doing it (you know what I mean!) with! The story of THIS summer is yet to be written. What will you do this time around to set you apart, or achieve your goals? What changes, or habits in your routine are in need of review? How important is it to you and is your 'Why' strong enough?Daily success is often in the minute details. Excuses are the thief of progress, so prepare to tackle them head on with your new "Can-Do" attitude!!

From every day men, women, boys, and girls, to top athletes from around the world; Many have been seeking and using to great effect, natural plant-based methods to aid and enhance performance.

Diet has become a hot button topic, but lesser known approaches such as essential oils have been gathering significant pace. Essential Oils in their purest form provide natural, safe, and effective ways to affect emotions, improve focus, increase confidence, and aid in recovery. The Top 6 (Excuse Busting - POW!! #@%) Essential Oils for your exercise routine include:

LAVENDER: Inhale, add two drops to an Epsom Salt bath, or apply to temples to promote a good night's sleep which is essential for healing and recovery. Helps ease and calm tension, anxiousness, worry, and nerves when in high pressure situations. Heals cuts, scrapes, and chafing when applied topically.

PEPPERMINT: Uplifting, energizing, and can promote feelings of self confidence. Diffuse to heighten focus and alertness . Dilute and apply peppermint to back of neck and spine to cool the body from overexertion. Rub clockwise on lower abdomen to soothe the digestive tract, and ease butterflies or nausea due to performance anxiety. Studies have shown that peppermint essential oil can increase cardiovascular endurance by 25%.

RESPIRATORY BLEND: This blend of oils will clear the airways. Apply to chest for pre-performance that requires controlled clear breathing. Helps to increase oxygen intake into the lungs, and has also been shown to inhibit the onset of asthma attacks.

PROTECTIVE BLEND: Antioxidants in a bottle. A daily drop applied to your feet for an immunity boost to keep you healthy all year round. Create an alcohol free spray and use to clean pesticides from fruit, veg, germs from gym bag, and as a natural hand sanitizer on-the-go. A must have for when the immune system feels run down and you feel the onset of a cold, sore throat, cough, or virus.

TEA TREE: An anti-bacterial for any cuts, scrapes, or rashes. Apply topically to rid the skin of spots or acne occurring through repetitive sweating and exercise. Used to treat athletes foot from sweaty shoes, or warts and verrucas that may get picked up at the swimming pool.

SOOTHING BLEND: Use topically pre-performance to stimulate blood flow and circulation helping to prevent injury. Post-exercise, this is a soothing oil to ease any aches and pains from performing.

Each Essential Oil has many benefits. They are extremely versatile, fast acting, safe, and non-addictive. The two most common and effective ways to use essential oils are by inhaling Aromatically and applying to skin Topically.

Sometimes the difference in performance success and enjoyment is in the details. It’s finding ways to be in control, and stay in control of your energy, your focus, your emotions, environment, and performance. No excuse, the time is now. Enjoy the summer, sweat and have fun doing it! Share your new found passion with the world, inspire those around you, and remember if you reach a stumbling block...there's an 'Oil For That'!

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