Holiday HIIT: Keeping Fit On-The-Go

For many of us, there seems to be this unwritten law that we abide by when it comes to exercise. When summer is fast approaching, there becomes this mindset and whimsical countdown to 'the beachbody'. Plans to eat healthier, drink plenty water, and exercise more seem to be a means to an end. Lose the belly fat, tighten up the tushy, and pop those abs! Let's be honest, we've all done it! Nowadays though, that 'summer sun' can be found at any time of year depending on how far and wide you plan to travel. So tell me, after working so hard to reach a personal health goal OR physical goal, why does it have to then rinse and repeat?

We just came back from holiday in Eastern Spain, where the sun was gorgeous, and the rugged coastline became our playground. There is nothing more gratifying than exercising in the morning sunshine, exploring our surroundings by foot, and creating a HIIT workout in some idyllic 'Pinterest Postworthy' hotspot.

Here are SIX Tips & Tricks to make working out easy, fun, and memorable while on holiday:


Our favourite way to get 'off the reservation', go outside the resort, or step out the hotel is by foot. Pack a pair of dual purpose running shoes to ensure you are not travelling with a suitcase of footwear (damn those airline baggage fees!). Trail Running Shoes, provide great support and stability for running, and will also serve hiking, hillclimbing, or just plenty walking in relative comfort. Triathlon shoes are also great being both lightweight, flexible, and can generally double up as a beach shoe for any rocky type beaches. Lastly a street shoe that can also combine as a running shoe gives both the casual runner, and casual tourist vibe! Ya'man!!


Not necessary, but if you plan to then pack light. My faves for travel are resistance bands or skipping rope which can be packed quite neatly and efficiently but pack quite a punch in the fat burning, and calorie shredding department.