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Holiday HIIT: Keeping Fit On-The-Go

For many of us, there seems to be this unwritten law that we abide by when it comes to exercise. When summer is fast approaching, there becomes this mindset and whimsical countdown to 'the beachbody'. Plans to eat healthier, drink plenty water, and exercise more seem to be a means to an end. Lose the belly fat, tighten up the tushy, and pop those abs! Let's be honest, we've all done it! Nowadays though, that 'summer sun' can be found at any time of year depending on how far and wide you plan to travel. So tell me, after working so hard to reach a personal health goal OR physical goal, why does it have to then rinse and repeat?

We just came back from holiday in Eastern Spain, where the sun was gorgeous, and the rugged coastline became our playground. There is nothing more gratifying than exercising in the morning sunshine, exploring our surroundings by foot, and creating a HIIT workout in some idyllic 'Pinterest Postworthy' hotspot.

Here are SIX Tips & Tricks to make working out easy, fun, and memorable while on holiday:


Our favourite way to get 'off the reservation', go outside the resort, or step out the hotel is by foot. Pack a pair of dual purpose running shoes to ensure you are not travelling with a suitcase of footwear (damn those airline baggage fees!). Trail Running Shoes, provide great support and stability for running, and will also serve hiking, hillclimbing, or just plenty walking in relative comfort. Triathlon shoes are also great being both lightweight, flexible, and can generally double up as a beach shoe for any rocky type beaches. Lastly a street shoe that can also combine as a running shoe gives both the casual runner, and casual tourist vibe! Ya'man!!


Not necessary, but if you plan to then pack light. My faves for travel are resistance bands or skipping rope which can be packed quite neatly and efficiently but pack quite a punch in the fat burning, and calorie shredding department.


Rise before the sun and catch a stunning glimpse of the sunrise. Venture off from your accommodations doorstep and see what everyday life nearby looks like. Feeling adventurous, then plan your run to a local cafe for a nice coffee stop, or to a nearby vineyard. Run along the cliffs, or across the beach barefoot. Time is not an issue. The experience is very different and seen through wondrous eyes within the raw emotive context of exercise.


It's all the rage right now. High Intensity Interval Training, requires little to no equipment, can be done in a confined space, and takes a mere 10-20mins. There's literally no excuse! Find somewhere unique, with mesmerizing views, and let that be your new forever happy place! HIIT workouts can be easily created by you with very little experience. Crank out push-ups, tricep dips, squats, lunges, sprints, hurdles, name it! There are many great workouts and vids online for every level and ability. In addition to running, we spent 15mins performing a HIIT workout atop a cliff, on a lookout point, and in a playground.*

*Hint. If traveling with kids, do your workout at the park while they play!


I very rarely get the inclination after running to jump into the North Sea for a cooling off dip. However, when exercising and sweating in the sun, the prospect of the beautiful Mediterranean or Caribbean Sea, Pacific Ocean, or generally any warmer body of water is tantalizing. The benefits of cold water on the body have tremendously positive effects including improved lymphatic circulation, reduced inflammation, boosts metabolism, and increases happiness! What a great way to start the day.


If you are the adventurous type and don't mind laying down the book and sitting up from the sunlounger (the sangria and mojitos can wait!) then seek out a fun activity such as paddle boarding, kayaking, cycling through the countryside, playing tennis or even just swimming laps in the pool. This is another great way to mix it up and stay active!

The benefits of exercise can be endless and far reaching. In fact, it is a basic human need. It would serve all of us well if it was in fact an instilled and ingrained habit, however it does take time and lots of work. My thoughts are simple: Exercise can be fun, imaginative, varied, and adventurous. Take that mindset with you on your next trip to the sunshine and see what moments and memories you can create just be stepping outside armed with a pair of running shoes and resistance band. Make HIIT workouts your friend, be creative, and get to work!

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