10 Ways To Eat Healthy When Traveling

Whether it be for business or pleasure, traveling can create both an excitement or a sense of monotony. Traveling is one of my favourite things to do, be it an awesome family vacay, or a biz building/personal development getaway. Give me a weekend of soul-filling education and I'm on cloud nine. However the beach, nature, outdoors, and sunshine are my BFF's. No matter what I do, or where I go, some things are a given...we all gotta EAT (and drink!). Travel, as glamorous as it sounds, can wreak havoc with your normal dietary routines. Partly by choice, the holidays are often excuse laden with the old "I'm on holiday" line throwing all the good habits, and potentially your waistline, out of whack! But fear not friends, because with some foresight and planning, you can have the best of both worlds. Check out these 10 helpful tips to set you up on your next trip away:

ONE Book With Eating In Mind

In trying to stay faithful to your well ingrained habits, it's important to ensure you have as much home comforts as required. Okay, so a bed, toilet, and shower, go without saying....but a kitchen or kitchen facilities are often overlooked. Having a kitchen makes it far more likely, and cost effective, to cook and eat your own meals. When booking, look for condos, apartments, or hotel rooms with a kitchen to set you up. Airbnb is another option that we use often for those seeking a feeling that's closer to home. I'm certainly not against eating out and sampling the local cuisine and ambience, but having the option to eat-in or make-and-take, provides peace of mind!

TWO Find a Grocery Store

Now, while in the booking process, you can find what your looking for near a grocery store then you are all set! However, at the very least, seek out your nearest grocery stores and markets to make your shopping both easy and accessible.

THREE Plan Ahead

In today's world, travel has become so easy and accessible. No longer are we reliant on travel agents and tour guides but rather all information can now be searched, accessed, screenshot and downloaded at the touch of a button. So knowing that, almost all aspects of travel can be pre-planned. Know what airline you are flying with and what they offer. Almost all flights offer food and drink, but many budget flights require payment for those....including water!!! Think about the times of travel and when your stops or layovers may be. Do they align with your normal mealtime routines? What about the time difference? Your body will naturally remind you when meal or snack times are approaching. Finally, search the airports you are traveling through for food options. Most airports have more health conscious options but finding them in the moment can sometimes be a challenge!