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If My Body Was A Car: 5 Ways To 'Keep That Motor Runnin'

When I think of health and wellness, dietary choices, self education, and longevity, several analogies spring to mind. However there is one that always tends to stick; 'If your body was your vehicle, would you treat it any differently'. Lets think about it, assuming you are a qualified and licensed driver, then you have your own unique relationship with your vehicle. Some people even give them 'pet names'. My dad used to have this red beauty he named 'Rhonda the Honda'. Come rain or shine I see car owners sprucing up, vacuuming, washing, waxing, polishing, and shining, almost religiously. How a car is treated, I believe, is often a window into someones personality, or even their life. Start to pay attention to friends, those in your neighbourhood, town, local shopping centre, or car park, and see what I mean. So what if we were to give ourselves the same care and attention? Would our lives be any better? Would we be healthier? We'd definitely be cleaner!! We know it to be true that if you take care of your car properly, the longer it will serve you and your loved ones.

Here are my 5 Ways To 'Keep That Motor Runnin':

1. R.E.S.P.E.C.T

I've seen cars that have lost the will to live at a little over 100,000 miles, yet others that are still thriving after clocking over 500,000 with a minimum of fuss. I've seen cars continually in and out of the 'shop' with maintenance issues, electrical failures, burst hoses, loose connections, faulty name it! While others seem to continue on with a few tweaks, adjustments, or replacement parts. But why? Well, like your body, you get out what you put in. You take care of it and it will take care of you. My body IS my vehicle, and your body is YOURS. Treat it with the respect it deserves. Care for yourself, keep yourself clean and presentable, keep yourself moving, observe any changes in overall health and make minor adjustments. Be proactive and minimize the wear and tear over time. A cat has 9 lives (they say!), a car can be replaced, BUT your body...YOUR only get ONE. Treat it with RESPECT.


A critical component in vehicle health is ensuring all the fluids are sufficiently topped up. Some you will do regularly, and others will be looked at during each service. The motor oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid, and even screenwash have optimal levels for use. Heck, arguably the most important is having petrol in the tank! So how does that translate? Well to survive and thrive we need 'fuel in the tank'. Ensuring that we are drinking plenty fluids (namely water!), and nourishing our bodies with ample amounts of vitamins and minerals. Try to consume more whole foods as a rule including plenty fruits and veg. Limit processed foods and sugar...yes, as easy as it is AND how good it tastes, it is generally chemical junk providing little sustainable energy and will expedite your vehicles route to the scrapyard! If you don't have enough fuel to last, you run the risk of breaking down. Think about topping up regularly, with your new mindset of overall health, performance, and longevity.


Every car or vehicle is required to perform a service, M.O.T, or other form of maintenance check on a regular basis to ensure optimal performance, and road worthiness. Usually it is in the form of time (6mo's-1yr), or at specific mileage intervals. But do we perform those same health checks on ourselves? Yes, as you age you are 'required' to attend annual doctor checks for various potential risks. At age 50, regular prostate and breast screening checks are performed every 1-3 years. In some countries that has been brought forward to age 40 due to higher risk and rates. So what can we do? Well, instead of being reactive to your local Clinic or GP's mailing list, start to proactively maintain and manage your own 'vehicle'. At any age, it is good practice to book an annual physical health check-up. In addition, start to seek out and enjoy the benefits of 'complimentary' therapies such as a body massage, aromatherapy, bowen therapy, reiki, and visiting a chiropractor.


Do you live life in the fast lane? Do you feel the need for speed? Or are you always in a rush? Sometimes life can seem like a never ending race. So much to do, and so little time!! I've had those moments....believe me! In a rush, I go faster than necessary, get heavy on the accelerator, hard on the brakes, and change through the gears like something out of the Fast and Furious franchise! But is it healthy? No. Not for me, or for the car. You just can't sustain it! Practice the habit of leaving earlier, prioritizing what's most important, moving at a leisurely and enjoyable pace. No, I don't mean slower than slow, but just don't get caught up in the race. Relieve your body and car of all that stress and tension, breathing calm, peace, and joy into your daily life.


Lastly, like your car, let your body be your pride and joy. It is amazing in all that it provides and is with you for the long term. Invest time, love, care, and energy into yourself and it will repay you tenfold. Your car is not just the appearance on the outside! It's not just dressing it up with alloy wheels, a spoiler, moon roof, roof rack, tinted windows, or go-faster stripes!! The inside is what counts, and self love is vitally important in creating self worth. You are unique, you are special, and you are your own vehicle. So let it take you where ever you want to go, and while you're at it...enjoy the ride and enjoy the view!

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