Four Benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle

Lets just say it's been a while! After a brief hiatus that has extended far beyond intention, I am back on the Blogisphere. A lot has happened this past year and more! Life never stops, and the fun is always in the journey. So let me say this....I'am happy to be back here conjuring up content and sharing knowledge + education gained so that maybe [just maybe] you will stumble upon a takeaway that becomes your 'lightbulb' moment. Our combined intention with Elevating Life is to lead in a way that generates solutions to your problems, and to address many of the health concerns troubling us all today.

Without further ado, I am going to ease back in gently with a topic that we all aspire to, but maybe just don't have the right 'oomph' to follow through!

I think it is fair to say that every one of us wants to be healthy. Am I right? I don't know of anyone that has aspirations to suffer as the biological clock ticks down. Nobody makes a conscious choice to develop a chronic illness. Nobody would choose to live with debilitating pain on a daily basis. Yet, this is where we are currently at, globally, with regards to overall health. Illness, disease, pain and suffering are seen as the 'norm' in the aging population with current rates of chronic disease higher than ever before, even with the scientific and technological advances that have been made. Disturbingly, poor health is seeping it's way into the lives of our children and young adults through the rapidly rising rates of obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Alright, so maybe I'm not being as 'gentle' as I initially indicated. But there is HOPE. Over 90% of chronic illness and autoimmune disease is the result of lifestyle habits and choices compounded over time. Yes, as harsh as it is to hear, we are the creators (by and large) of our own health or ill-health. It can be easy to point the finger, to place blame, and to fall into this belief that 'I'm one of the unlucky ones', 'it's in my genes', and 'we've all got to die of something'. In my opinion, we have been dealt a massive disservice through our education system whereby I believe that 'our bodies' are the most complex AND most important thing that we have AND we should be taught absolutely everything there is to know about it! From the moment you gasp your first breath till the final exhale of your last, YOU meander through life in your vessel - your body. So doesn't it make sense that we should know how to operate it optimally, effectively and efficiently?

So lets talk positive. Here's the good news, a healthy lifestyle is generally a mindset shift. A healthy lifestyle is 100% available to all, and doesn't require anything but a dollop of commitment and a sprinkle of desire.

Those that know better, do it stands to reason that first you need to get 'in the know'. With knowledge comes power. You will gain an armoury of information, ideas and support on making changes at a speed you are comfortable with. Nobody said change was easy, but in this case I can guarantee, it WILL be worth it!

Aside the obvious benefit of living a more healthy, vibrant, and prolonged life - here are four other benefits of embracing a healthy lifestyle.

Increase Energy

Forget the sugar rush, and the caffeine kick! Overindulging in candy, cakes, sweets, and desserts will certainly raise your energy levels, but what follows is the inevitable crash. Caffeine works in the same manner, resulting in an energy spike until lethargy sets in setting off the alarm bells for another coffee break. Foods high in saturated fats tend to drain energy levels, and a diet consisting of both will in turn lead to significant weight gain and a slow decrease in overall energy levels.

Basing a diet and lifestyle around nutritious and healthful choices will in turn lead to more energy and vitality than ever before. Eat more fruits and vegetables, choose whole foods, avoid processed products and limit (or remove) intake of sugars. Uncover a love for home cooked recipes. Also get outdoors, breathe in the fresh air, move the body, and bathe in the sunshine (if your lucky or not in Scotland!).

Reduce Stress

It is important to manage and reduce stress in a world where we are under more pressure, and constantly on-the-go. It's no secret that regular exercise is fundamental to leading a healthy lifestyle, and can be extremely therapeutic in stress reduction. Healthy foods high in vitamin C and magnesium can also moderate cortisol levels - the stress hormone - and a protein rich diet can help mediate the body when in a chronic state of stress. Take time to have an Epsom Salt bath infused with calming essential oils to get your boost of magnesium while allowing the body and mind to naturally calm itself.

Improve Self-Confidence

It is so simple but unbelievably effective. When you begin to make changes and both see and feel results, you start to feel good. This perpetuating cycle continues as the more you do, the better you continue to feel. It may not always prove to be smooth sailing, and there will be 'choppy waters', but stay the course because you are changing a lifetime of old habits. Navigate those waters and watch your self-confidence grow as a result.

Reduce Medical Expenses

Having lived in a number of different countries, this can be perceived differently. Here in the UK, we are blessed to have national healthcare provided. So, by and large, there is no significant outlay for medical expenses. However, the US in particular poses a different problem entirely. Health insurance is a must, expenses are extortionate, and care is only given to those who can afford it. That is the black and white of it, however there are bound to be shades of grey somewhere between.

So lets take take a simpler approach. A healthy lifestyle means fewer visits to the doctor. If you are overweight, obese, sedentary, or a smoker, you are subject to many diseases that can increase medical reliability and expenses rapidly. If not a burden on your own pocket, it becomes a burden on the healthcare system who are now struggling to cope financially and logistically. Adopting a set of new healthy habits can prevent, halt, and even reverse many harmful diseases.

So there you have it. It's a not-so-short welcome back! Over the course of the past year I have began studying to become a Nutritional Therapist. The learning has been astounding, AND the importance of food + lifestyle cannot be underestimated. Traditional health professionals remain steadfast in traditional beliefs and are on the frontline of such a global concern. Their time and resources are more stretched and limited than ever before, with time for helping patients build an understanding of healthy habits at an absolute low ebb. There is a huge demand now for a new kind of health advocate, a more natural and nutritional approach, which we are fundamentally designed to do. I look forward to growing here with you at Elevating Life, and providing seeds for you to grow roots of health that are steadfast and strong!

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