Top 10 Oils ➡️ 150 Uses

You’ve heard about essential oils, you’ve seen them online and in shops but aren't quite sure if they are worth all the hype and most importantly, if you’d actually use them? A totally valid and common concern! I hear this one a lot, as people get excited to start using oils but have no idea where to start. If I’m being honest it crossed my mind, I thought they were just to make a room smell good PERIOD. I learned quite quickly that essential oils are incredibly dynamic and once you get in a rhythm, you'll wonder how you ever survived without them! But, for now, discover them for yourself, through these helpful, simple, and inspiring tips -- dive in!

Here's over 150 ways you will end up using the top 10 essential oils + blends that come in the most popular starter kit I sell; the Home Essentials Kit. This is the kit that started the whole journey for our family!

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Lemon is dōTERRA's top-selling essential oil at only 5 cents per drop, this one is a must-have! It’s is a powerful cleansing agent that purifies the air, disinfects surfaces, and can be used as a non-toxic cleaner throughout the home. Taken internally, lemon provides cleansing and digestive benefits, can soothe an irritated throat, and supports healthy respiratory function.

1. Allergy-What. Diffuse with Lavender + Peppermint when your body is reacting to the environment. OR take 1 drop of each in a veggie capsule.

2. An Airwick that uplifts. Promote positive and optimistic feelings + neutralize odours in the air by diffusing lemon on its own.

3. Non-toxic GooGone. Dissolves anything sticky! Adhesives, slime, gum, tree sap, tar, you name it! Just apply a drop directly on.

4. Dry up a runny nose. Apply 1 drop of lemon diluted to the bridge of nose and deeply inhale.

5. Healthy Morning Boost. Add 2 drops to a large glass of water for the cleansing effects of the limonene in lemon

6. Stubborn Bike Grease. Add 2 drops to grease covered hands from putting your bike on the trainer. Rub in, wipe off with cloth.

7. Smile bright. Add 1 drop to 1 tbsp of coconut oil for oil pulling in the am (helps cleanse and whiten teeth).

8. Flavour Boost. Add a drop of Lemon essential oil anytime you are cooking with lemon juice to enhance flavour (Lemon cookies, lemon merengue pie, lemon zest, lemon dressing, lemon blueberry muffins). In soothing winter teas, you can simply add Lemon essential oil to warm water.

9. Clean Produce. Fill basin with water, add 3-5 drops of Lemon oil and soak your produce to remove dirt and residue.

10. Crystal Clean Glassware. Add a couple drops of Lemon essential oil to your dishwater. Adding Lemon will make it a better experience for you while taking advantage of the cleaning qualities in Lemon essential oil!

11. An Original All-Purpose Cleaner. Mix 10 drops Lemon essential oil with equal amounts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle to cleanse and purify surfaces. Use to clean kitchen counters and stainless steel appliances. For stainless steel, mix Lemon essential oil with olive oil for best results.

12. Preserve cut fruit. Use Lemon essential oil in a spray to keep your cut fruit fresh until serving. No more bad apples.